Cold Calling & Email Marketing

We Imagine a World in which Small and Big Companies Have Equal Chances to Win New Customers in the Market.

Our purpose is to bring "parity" and reduce the gap between large and small firms with the help of our cold calling and email marketing services.

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We offer the following solutions

Creating a Telemarketing Script

Script out the entire call. We get more pushback on this idea than almost any other sales advice we give. Our response is always the same.

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Building a Prospect List

Make Leads, Not War. High-quality and targeted prospect list building and b2b lead generation.

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Cold Calling, Appointment Setting

Cold calling isn't dead, as long as our humanity is ALIVE.

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Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the backbone of customer retention, and a highly effective channel for connecting with your customers.

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What Makes Us Different?

You. Your authenticity, vision and purpose is the source of our creative
inspiration. We take an immersive approach to understanding your challenges and the
challenges of your clients so that we can collectively discover new ways to
communicate your value.

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Why Should You Partner With Us?

1. No costs to hire, train or onboard. You will get experts in cold calling and email marketing with years of experience.

2. You only pay for what you use (rate per hour/project). No contracts.

A: If you hire a full-time employee in your company, you will have to pay for taxes, employee benefits such as health insurance, and paid time off (vacations or holidays). That wouldn't be the case if you partner with us.

B: If you hire freelancers, they will work from home alone. The difference between hiring an agency and hiring a freelancer is that we make cold calls and manage marketing campaigns every day, therefore, we know what works and what doesn't. We have regular meetings where we share our experience, brainstorm ideas, make suggestions on how to improve our pitch/campaigns on daily basis, and monitor the results of our agents. The team chemistry and the performance are really different when you work from home and in an office. And we know this because we worked from home during COVID.


Julie Lancaster

Agency Y provided us with both a telemarketing script and a telemarketing campaign. Milan B. is an excellent communicator, very professional. He told us exactly when they would start and when they expected to finish the work. They completed …

Madeleine Taylor

Great experience. Created an awesome sales script with a super fast turn around time. Looking forward to working with him again.

Alison Brandit

They provide amazing digital marketing and lead generation services. Will hire them again!

Social Essinta

Agency Y made cold calls for our company for several months. In that time they were able to generate a good amount of interest for our product. They scheduled several product demonstrations, some of which have already resulted in sales. I would recommend their services.

Visual FX World

Successful Facebook Marketing Campaign! They did a great job and we made a few sales.

So, you decide. Are We the Right Fit?

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