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People are not perfect. They never have been. So we stopped looking for PERFECT and accept the fact that humans are funny, crazy, messy, smart, inspired, ambitious, shy, doers, followers, scared, troubled, faboulous and imperfect in every way.

Job ads never say "the perfect candidate will be able to work 20 hours a day for the pure satisfaction of being held in high esteem and willing to manage their super, hands-on, narcissistic boss with a smile on their face." When in actuality that is what they are looking for.

There is NO "perfect". Let's hire smart, ambitious, funny, troubled, messy, fabulous people because they are PEOPLE. Capable, qualified and teachable.

Current Openings


  • Excellent verbal and written English language communication skills
  • 3 years of telemarketing experience
  • Responsibilities:

  • Lead Generation, building contact lists
  • Place phone calls to potential client
  • Perform script (with necessary adjustments) to ensure consistency of sales program
  • Answer potential clients’ questions
  • Set appointments with prospective customers
  • Closing sales
  • Maintain computer, telephone and other equipment
  • Help and train other telemarketers when required
  • Location: Franjo Kluz, Skopje

  • Coming soon...

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