Cold Calling is Alive

Cold Calling Isn't dead, As Long As Our Humanity is ALIVE.

The issue is that most people approach selling poorly. They start with a sales pitch instead of finding out something about their clients, such as their challenges and getting to know them.

Salespeople that are going on and on about their own company or about themselves are going to do significantly worse. The more you are talking about yourself, spending time introducing yourself, talking all about how great you or your company is, the worse you are going to do.

What you want to do is get through the initial introductory part very, very quickly; and move on to the purpose of your call.

Remember the prospect doesn't care about you, they care about themselves, solving their challenges and accomplishing results.

During cold calling, one of the best ways to engage prospects in conversation is to focus on the challenges you're seeing in the marketplace. The effect of this is actually twofold.

Firstly, it shows that you really have your finger on the pulse of what's actually happening. You are showing that you have real expertise and you’re NOT talking about yourself. You are providing some real valuable insight about the key challenges that others they may know are facing.

Secondly, if you are talking about, or you mention a challenge that is going to be something that they relate to, now you’re more likely to engage them in a conversation. You are more likely to get them talking. Again, the data shows that more you can get a prospect talking, telling their story, talking about their challenges, talking about what they care about, the more likely you are to get that second meeting and ultimately close that sale.

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