Creating a world in which small and big companies have equal chances to win new customers in the market.


Challenging the current conditions, reducing the gap between large firms and SMBs, and bringing “parity” to make our vision a reality.


Helping small and medium-sized businesses to emphasize their mission in the market, build trust, and create an emotional connection with new clients in the sales process in order to dramatically increase revenues and develop companies that will last for 100 years.


Our focus on cold calling and email marketing came by no mistake, but rather a proven track record for helping small and mid-size companies stand out from the big box companies.















Having a Just Cause

There is a sense of cause at the heart of our company. It’s not about being the biggest or being the best lead generation agency because we accept that there is no such thing. There is a sense of winning, there is a sense of progress and moving forward. We call it adherence to the cause and advancement of the cause. There is a sense of advancement, but there is no sense of "we are going to be the best" or "we are the best" because everything is temporary. You could be the best for now, based on the metrics and time frames that you choose. There is a sense of cause so just that people are willing to sacrifice and work with blood and sweat and tears. It feeds their soul, it makes them feel like their life has value, their work has meaning.

Having a Trusting Team

Our team members are willing to say: “I made a mistake” or “I need help” because our culture encourages helping each other learn and develop, as opposed to imposing the fear of ridicule or job loss when mistakes are made. Without trusting teams, too many people are coming to work lying, hiding and faking. They hide their mistakes, they never admit that they don’t know what they're doing, they get promoted to a job where they feel a lot of control, but are afraid to ask for help or say: “I need more training”. And so, when they lie, hide and fake every day, eventually things break. Companies led by the infinite philosophy have a much higher degree of trust within the organization - and these are the companies that people want to work for.

Having a Worthy Rivals

We made the clever shift away from seeing others in our industry as competitors, and rather, view them as rivals. Because a competitor is someone you want to beat, and this places too much focus on finite thinking.What are the metrics, how are we going to get ahead of them? A rival is someone whose strengths reveal to you your own weaknesses. So, to see others in your industry and admire where they are better than you instead of trying to beat them, you naturally evaluate your weaknesses and find ways to improve. The improvement is constant; it is a very sophisticated idea not to regard others in your industry as competitors to be beaten, but rather as rivals that reveal to us our weaknesses, so that we can improve.

Ability to make an existential flex

Too many organizations pursue a variable cause with a fixed strategy. We theorize, rather than pursuing a fixed cause with a variable strategy. Having an open playbook means leaders and organizations are willing to have flexible strategies and plans that change as needed to pursue their just cause. It also means having the ability to make an existential flex in order to strive on the market.

Having the courage to lead

We prioritize the just cause above anything else and willing to stand up to the pressures of the neoclassical theories and business models, and stay true to our cause. This struggle is often too great for a single person to tackle alone, so it requires all the leaders of the organization to band together and act in alignment. Therefore we're very happy to share our best strategies with you!

So, you decide. Are We the Right Fit?

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