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Cold Calling Isn't Dead, As Long As Our Humanity is ALIVE.

The issue is that most people approach cold calling poorly. They start with a sales pitch instead of finding out something about their prospect, such as their challenges and getting to know them. Then, they should slowly weave in the problem that they solve. They should talk about the problem and their beliefs, not the product, in order to create an emotional connection.

  • Extensive experience managing hundreds of B2B telemarketing and prospecting sales campaigns, in multiple industries.
  • Over $12.000.000 in sales!
  • We can make 10-20 dials per hour. The number of dials depends on the duration of each call. Please note that we're able to call only in the U.S. and Canada

You need to send us your phone numbers and your script.

If you don’t have a list of phone numbers, please click HERE.

If you don’t have a call script, please check HERE.

So what are you waiting for? Let us start cold calling your potential clients. ORDER NOW!

What's included






Cold calling / appt. setting in USA and Canada.
$680 for 40 hours.
(400-800 dials)

Cold calling / appt. setting in USA and Canada.
$1280 for 80 hours
(800-1600 dials)

Cold calling / appt. setting in USA and Canada.
$2400 for 160 hours
(1600-3200 dials)

Daily reports with notes for each call
Number of Hours 40 80 160
Delivery Time 21 days 31 days 60 days

We imagine a world in which small and big companies have equal chances to win new customers in the market.

Our purpose is to bring "parity" and reduce the gap between large and small firms with the help of our Cold Calling and Email Marketing services.

Our focus on cold calling and email marketing came by no mistake, but rather a proven track record for helping small and mid-size companies stand out from the big box companies.

✓ 10+ years of experience in telesales, prospecting and email marketing in multiple industries.

✓ Over $12.000.000 in sales.


What do you need to get started ▼
We only need phone numbers and a call script.
Do you have a headset with mic? ▼
Yes, we do.
How do you make the phone calls? ▼
We use VoIP. We have US and Canadian phone numbers.
Can you get a local phone number? ▼
Yes, we can. It will cost you $30 (click continue and check add-ons).
How do you track the calls? ▼
There are two ways. We can put notes for each call in Excel, or we can set up an account for you in Zoho (CRM) and add comments for each call, but it will cost you an additional $30 (click continue and check add-ons). We can also send you our call logs, but you'll need to let us know when you're placing the order.
How do you track time? ▼
We manually track time and send updates on daily basis. If you are worried about time tracking, you can set up a free account on , send us an invite, and track our time. It's a desktop app which tracks hours and takes random screenshots.
Can you send introduction emails after successful calls with clients? ▼
Sure, we can. But it will reduce the number of dials per hour because we will spend time on sending emails. You will need to set up an email account for us.
What are your working hours? ▼
Monday - Friday, 9 am - 5 pm EST
What if your leads do NOT answer? ▼
If the most of them don't answer, there is nothing we can do. We are NOT responsible if they don't pick up the phone.

Julie Lancaster 5

Agency Y provided us with both a telemarketing script and a telemarketing campaign. Milan B. is an excellent communicator, very professional. He told us exactly when they would start and when they expected to finish the work. They completed the project quickly and before the target completion date, sending back thorough notes for our follow-up. Definitely recommend.

Social Essinta 5

Agency Y made cold calls for our company for several months. In that time they were able to generate a good amount of interest for our product. They scheduled several product demonstrations, some of which have already resulted in sales. I would recommend their services.

Annalia Wong 5

Our team is satisfied with their telemarketing services and the results. They also give some suggestions for our business. We will join their service again!

AMOS Consulting 5

Good Quality Service, and talented people. Highly Recommended

Ricardo Carlos 5

We found them on facebook and and gave them a list of 600 contacts. They were making cold calls and closed a few sales. Great job!


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Telemarketing – 40 hours
Cold calling/appt. setting in USA & Canada. (400-800 dials, $17/hour)
Daily reports with notes for each call

21 days delivery — Aug 2, 2024
Revisions may occur after this date.

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