The Y Method

Always Start with Why

Is Selling Too Hard?

Absolutely not. But it's also not easy. The issue is that most people approach selling poorly. They start with a sales pitch instead of finding out something about their prospects, such as their challenges and getting to know them. Then, they should slowly weave in the problem that they solve. They should talk about the problem and their beliefs and visions, NOT the product, in order to create an emotional connection.

What makes us different?

You. Your authenticity, vision and purpose is the source of our creative inspiration. We take an immersive approach to understanding your challenges and the challenges of your clients so that we can collectively discover new ways to communicate your value.

The Y Method

In the sales process, we always start with "WHY". You need to let us know what your purpose is, besides making a profit. WHY does your company exsist?

By understanding your purpose, we create emotional connections with your clients which results in more sales. Learn more about this method by reading our blog post HERE.

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