Frequently Asked Questions

How and when is payment collected?

When our quote is accepted, we email a payment request with an invoice attached. You can pay us online with your debit/credit card or via bank transfer (check). Pay whenever you like, your campaign will start/resume upon receipt of payment.

How do you make phone calls?

We use VoIP. We have U.S. and Canadian phone numbers and we can make unlimited calls to the U.S. and Canada.

Can you call in Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa?

We can, but you will have to provide us with your own VOIP or we will set up a Skype account with a number and you will have to cover our call costs.

Can you get a local phone number in U.S. or Canada?

Yes, we can. We charge $25 for this service.

How do you track the calls?

There are two ways. We put notes for each call in an Excel spreadsheet, or we can set up an account for you in Hubspot (CRM) and add comments for each call, but for an additional $15. We can also send you our call logs, but you'll need to make that request when you're placing the order.

How many dials can you make per hour?

10-30 dials. The number of dials depends on the duration of each call.

Any other questions?

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